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పవన్ కు మాత్రమే ఒకే విదానం ఉంది-నాగబాబు
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September 19 2020, 1:05 am

జనసేన విడుదల చేసిన ప్రకటన ఇది.

Fight till the farmers get justice: Sri K Nagababu
PAC member and in-charge of both Godavari districts Sri K Nagababu said “Janasena president Sri
Pawan Kalyan is only the leader who had stuck to his decision and followed only one policy with
regard to the capital issue. He had raised the issue in 2015 itself and argued strongly that who will
give assurance to the farmers if any problem erupted after thousands of acres acquired. The farmers
gave their lands as per the agreement they had entered with the government. It will be a breach of
trust if the capital was shifted now. The government itself is cheating and Sri Chandrababu Naidu has
to be blamed for the present crisis. Taking a cue from the mistakes he committed, Sri Jagan turned
them into his favour and is shifting the capital. Setting up capital in Visakhapatnam is in accordance
with the perfect sketch of the government.  
It is need of the hour to extend support to the families of the farmers, who sacrificed their lands in
lieu of the future of their kids. Janasena is only the party which raised its voice strongly from the
beginning by keeping aside the political gain in the capital issue. Our policy is to do justice to the
residents of the capital. To achieve this, we need to launch a strong legal fight, if needed till the
farmers get justice. The farmers too shall remember one thing that it will not be closed in one or two
days. They shall prepare for a long battle. The residents of the capital region have subjected to
injustice cent per cent,” he said.

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