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కెసిఆర్ సూక్తులు చెబుతున్నారన్న బిజెపి
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December 15 2019, 4:00 am

CM KCR has displayed shocking apathy and irresponsibility in reference to the henious murder of Dr Priyanka Reddy.

As the entire nation is shocked & outraged over the brutal murder in Telangana, CM KCR today was attending weddings and giving photo ops. It's more than 48 hours since this incident came to light, and the chief minister is still to make any official statement. KCR has neither condoned the death nor extended condolences to the victim's family so far.

BJP considers this unnatural silence from KCR on this issue, is admission of his failure to protect the lives those who elected him, and his incompetence to control law & order in the State.

His son & minister KT Rama Rao is giving sermons on Twitter to the prime minister instead of apologizing to the victim's family for his government's incompetence to protect her life, when there was still a chance, if the police were to respond in time. It's a shame that he is trying to change the goal post, instead of owning up and being accountable for the criminal negligence in dealing with this case.

BJP urges people of Telangana to teach a befitting lesson to KCR and his party TRS through democratic means, for the insensitivity he is exhibiting towards the women safety in Telangana state.

Issued on 1st December 2019 by

K.Krishna Saagar Rao,
Chief Spokesperson,
BJP Telangana State.

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