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మెట్రో రైల్ రెడ్డికి సత్కారం
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August 22 2018, 8:47 am

Sri NVS Reddy, IRAS, Managing Director, Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd. was felicitated on
December 5 th , 2017 at Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana for the successful launching of
the Metro Rail Project. Speaking on the occasion, Sri B P Acharya, IAS, Spl. Chief Secretary
Planning & DG, Dr. MCR HRD Institute said that the success story of the project is a rich
source of inspiration for all the civil servants.
Sri NVS Reddy was at Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana to address Officer Trainees of
All India Services and Central Civil Services from across the country, who are attending 92 nd
Foundation Course. He spoke on “Be a Pioneer & Make a Difference: Hyderabad Metro PPP
Example”. He said, with a sense of pride, that the 72 km Metro Rail project is the largest
Metro project in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode in the entire world. “its mega
success showcased to the global audience the extraordinary capabilities of India to
conceptualize and execute technologically-rich projects of the highest order.
Continuing his address, he said that the project will break-even in the fifth year and will start
making profits from the sixth year onwards. He stated that the financial model of the project,
which involves generation of 45% of the revenue from passenger fares, 45% from property
development, and the remaining 5% from advertisements, is quite robust in nature and is in
line with the profit making metro rail projects from across the globe.
Sri Reddy said that mere technical skills alone are not enough to take big projects to the
shore, safely and successfully and called upon the trainee civil servants to develop not only
decision making and interpersonal skills but also learn and perfect the art of tact and
networking with multiple stakeholders. “The officers should keep acquiring a broader set of
skills on a continuing basis, in the light of their ongoing experience on the ground, as these
are not taught in educational institutions, either in India or abroad”, he added.

Sri Reddy said that the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project involved an innumerable number of
challenges, including 330 court cases, extensive coordination with multifarious stakeholders,
an array of agitations, etc. He gave full credit to his team which rose to the occasion and
made it a grand success, despite the widespread apprehensions about its viability. Sri Reddy
thanked a large number of people from different walks of life for their proactive support in
facing the challenges with a sense of confidence. He made a special mention of Sri B P
Acharya for his help in the allotment of land and identifying investors for the Metro Rail

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