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హదరాబాద్ లో 1,50,000 'సిసి టివీ కెమెరాలు
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December 10 2018, 10:34 pm

Sri M. Mahendar Reddy, IPS has assumed charge as Director General of Police, Telangana State in the Police Head quarters today. Later while addressing the media, he said that in the last three and half years,after formation of the State, Telangana Police has taken great strides in variousfacets of policing setting benchmarking standards. These traditions shall becontinued. The Telangana Police, will strive hard and render their services in a
citizen friendly manner with innovation and creativity by improving the quality of
service delivery in all units across the state on par with Hyderabad City Police.
He said that the Technology, Process, People, Leadership initiatives
implemented in the Hyderabad City shall be replicated across all Police Stations
limits of Telangana State. These traditions which were there in the last three and
half years shall be continued while ensuring there is a uniformity of service
delivery to the citizens at the cutting edge level across all Police Stations by
dividing Police Units in to three categories (i) Hyderabad, Cyberabad, Rachakonda
(ii) Police Commissionerates i.e. Warangal, Khammam, Siddipet Ramagundam,
Nizamabad, Karimnagar and (iii) District Police Units.
To achieve uniform service delivery standards across all police stations
within each group above, efforts shall be made to provide necessary resources,
infrastructure, budgets and implement relevant technologies, processes, people
skills. Efforts shall be made to bring role clarity in each and every employee right
up to the Police constable and Home Guard Officers by dividing the workforce in
to various functional verticals. Necessary systems shall be put in place to ensure
that work burden is reduced for the police personnel at the cutting edge level by
introducing smarter methods of working. Each employee will have a facility to
know their contribution for the safety and security of the society and in turn
helping the overall growth and development of Telangana.
The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) based Reward and Recognition
System on monthly basis shall be introduced at every circle, sub division,
district/zonal and Commissionerate levels by rewarding the best performers among
all the officers right up to the constable and Home Guard Officers.
Cyber crimes Units shall be setup in all the districts and Police
Commissionerates. Similarly, Bharosa Centre will be setup in the district

headquarters providing all required services under one umbrella for women and
child victims of extreme violence. SHE teams will be strengthened in all the Police
Commissionerates and districts. The “Nenu Saitham” community CCTV project
involving setting up of CCTV cameras in the outer periphery of each establishment
by individual owners shall be popularised across the state.
In Hyderabad city, so far 1,50,000 CCTV cameras have been setup under
Nenu Saitham Project. The goal is to have 10 lakh cameras in Hyderabad city
limits covering Hyderabad, Cyberabad, Rachakonda Police Commissionerates.
The technology apps like Hawk eye, HYDCOP shall be implemented across
the state. The recently recruited of the Police force will be an added advantage as
all of them are trained in advance technologies to handle future crimes. The
Technology plays an important role in policing today; it provides authentic
evidence for the court, which will aid in solving critical cases. Technology acts as
a force multiplier. For example, each CCTV camera is equal to 100 constabulary
officers. CCTV cameras which will always tell truth there by bringing in
credibility in police work.
The entire police force will work as a team Telangana Police and achieve a
crime free society in the state of Telangana. Innovation, Creativity, Proactive
efforts will be encouraged in all aspects of police work and at all levels of
hierarchy by rewarding each and every such effort instantaneously.
The Government of Telangana State and the Honourable Chief Minister
have been giving highest priority for the modernisation of Telangana State Police
with a view to improve service delivery standards and people friendliness in police
functioning. The systems of transparency and accountability shall he brought in by
introducing 3 rd  party call centre for collecting citizen feedback from all those who
come in contact with police and rate the police stations based on citizen
satisfaction levels. Adequate emphasis will be given for welfare of policemen by
ensuring timely promotions and rewards to all those who do good work.
Community partnerships shall be built in the local geographical areas by involving
members of the public in various policing activities.
All the Senior Police Officials were present in the programme. Photos
enclosed. Please arrange to carryout the

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